Engagement Ring Maple

Simple promise ring | handmade maple bentwood ring with the words together forever burned inside | by Eco Wood Rings UK

Engagement Ring Maple

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Width: 3mm

This proposal ring offering is aimed at anyone who is planning to propose but is unsure of their intended’s ring size. 

These plain maple wood rings can be made to any width and size and can include a woodburned inscription of your choice. In time this ring could be kept safe or worn on a chain, and if you come back to us for your forever ring within six months, we’ll credit 50% of the proposal ring cost against the cost of your forever ring. This not only eliminates the risk of getting the size wrong, but also means that you can both have an input on how the forever ring will look.

If you let us know beforehand (in the order notes), we can even keep some of the wood from the proposal ring back and use that in the forever ring too, linking the two rings in a really beautiful way.

**For 'Proposal Rings' our time frames can be as short as 2-4 weeks. Again, please reach out if you're in a rush!

Finally, if you really are taking a complete stab in the dark with the size, then you might be interested to know that our most popular sizes for ‘average’ size engagement rings for women are L-N, and for men it’s R-T. We hope that’s a useful starting point!

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