Refinishes & Repairs

For rings that need a little TLC

Please rest assured that we take great pride in our after sales service and want you to be a happy ambassador for Eco Wood Rings for life.

All of our rings are designed to last a lifetime, but the different styles of rings and materials used mean that some care and precautions will need to be taken to keep your ring looking at its best. 

For metal and carbon fibre rings with wood inlays, the natural oils in your skin should stop the wood inlay from drying out or cracking. However we do recommend using a little balm or teak oil every month or so, or whenever it starts to look dry.

For wood rings it is important that the waterproof finish is maintained in order to protect the structural integrity of the ring. If the finish were to get badly damaged and no action were taken, then this could allow water into the wood which would damage the ring from the inside. We recommend you buy a pot of ring balm when you purchase the ring and that you treat it every month or so.

If your rings needs some TLC from the workshop team then please follow the relevant link below.

Wood Rings
Metal Rings