Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still not sure then drop us a line

All our rings are made using standard UK ring sizes, including half sizes. To find out more about choosing the perfect size for you or someone else, please have a look at our short Ring Sizing Guide

If you're based outside of the UK and know your size using a different system, or if you’re establishing the size required by more creative/secretive means (!), then we can also work off the internal diameter required. You can see how the different systems and measurements correlate in our Sizing Conversion Chart.

It’s worth remembering that the weather can make our fingers swell or contract so try and make sure you get your finger measured when the weather is relatively mild, or perhaps even get a second opinion on a different day.

It’s also important that you take into account the width of the ring you plan to order, as it can affect the size needed, especially with getting the ring over the knuckle. Ideally you can try on a ring in the same size, width and profile combination as you intend to order, to help ensure that your ring is a perfect fit.

Following the steps and advice in our ring sizing guide will greatly increase the chances of achieving a perfect fit. 

If necessary many of our rings can be increased or decreased by up to one whole size - the current price for resizes is £80 for bentwood rings and £100 for metal rings with wood inlays.

Some styles of ring (such as bentwood rings with metal or carbon fibre liners, stainless steel, carbon fibre and some other types of metal rings with inlays of materials other than wood) cannot be resized. For these rings, as well as for any other ring which is out by more than one size, we will offer to take back the original and to remake it in the correct size with a 50% discount.

Our normal time frames for ring production is 6-8 weeks from the point of ordering to delivery.

If you need your ring(s) sooner than this, we offer a priority production service, subject to workload - please get in touch to find out more.

We also have a selection of pre-made rings here in a good range of sizes, which can usually be sent out right away (within 2-4 working days), then after the proposal/ceremony, you can return it to us and we will credit the original ring amount against the final design (less £10 for the additional P&P).

Please contact us to discuss your time frames further.

Whilst we don't have a physical shop, we would be delighted to arrange a meeting, to show you our sample rings, discuss your design ideas and establish your ring size. We normally meet in a local farm shop café just outside Beckington, Somerset. Located less than half an hour from Bath, it can work nicely as part of a city break for those travelling from further afield!

Our preference is to meet midweek daytime if possible, but we do open up a weekend every other month for meetings too. To arrange a face to face conversation with us about your ring design/s please get in touch.

If meeting in person isn't an option, then we'd be very happy to arrange a Zoom call with you, to discuss your ideas and share examples of designs with similar features and/or materials. Again, to arrange this please complete our initial enquiry form and we'll be in contact!

Of course, it’s not essential that we meet. The vast majority of our customers reach their final design through an exchange of emails and ideas and the overwhelming feedback is that the rings look even better in real life than in the photos, which we think is saying something!

Our rings are lovingly packed into simple kraft card ring boxes with our logo embossed on the lid in rose gold. They are attractive boxes but if you’d like to upgrade to more of a presentation box, then we have a lovely range of wooden ring boxes available too.

The rings are delivered in unmarked protective packaging just in case discretion is important (which it often is!). There will be no indication as to who it’s from or what’s inside.

All our rings, including pre-designed Collection rings, are made to order so we don’t have samples that can be sent out to customers before purchase. We hope that the pictures and descriptions we have on our website accurately describe our beautiful rings. The overwhelming feedback is that they’re even more impressive in real life than in the photos. However, if you’re unsure, please do get in touch with us. We do have a small range of sample rings and are happy to meet you to show you those and to talk through your design ideas further (see FAQ above). 

Our metal and carbon fibre rings with inlays are as durable as any conventional metal/carbon fibre ring – the inlay is purely decorative. In rare circumstances, it’s possible that the wood inlay could lift or crack, but if that were to happen, it would normally only ever occur in the first few months, once the wood is settling into its new environment and we would of course put that right. Please see the FAQ regarding guarantees for our rings. 

The method used to make our bentwood rings means that the grain of the wood is wrapped around the ring a number of times. This not only shows off the grain of the wood in all its glory, but it also gives the ring extra strength, making it very unlikely to break.

All bentwood rings are then sealed with a protective coating to prevent water from getting into the wood. So long as that coating isn’t compromised (i.e. a deep scratch going right down to the wood, which you ignore, thereby allowing water to get under the coating) then that won’t be an issue. It’s normal for that coating to show signs of wear over time and some customers do return their rings to us every few years for a refinish (which we can also do in the event of a deep scratch, before any damage is done to the wood). 

We’d advise you to remove your bentwood ring if doing something which is really likely to damage it, but otherwise for day-to-day living, just leave your ring on and return it to us every now and then for a refinish (see FAQ about looking after your ring below).

Obviously in the event of a freak accident, like dropping and driving over your bentwood ring (don’t laugh, it happened once), then one would expect a metal ring with inlay to fair better than a ring made completely from wood. However, even in a worst-case scenario such as that, we could still inlay pieces of the original ring into a new design, which we feel is a rather beautiful idea.

All of our rings are designed to last a lifetime, but the different styles of rings and materials used mean that some care and precautions will need to be taken to keep your ring looking at its best. 

For metal and carbon fibre rings with inlays, the natural oils in your skin should stop the wood inlay from drying out or cracking. However we do recommend using a little wood balm or teak oil every few months, or if it starts to look dry.

As described above, for wood rings it is important that the waterproof finish is maintained in order to protect the structural integrity of the ring. If the finish were to get badly damaged and no action were taken, then this could allow water into the wood which would damage the ring from the inside.

It's important to avoid contact with chemicals and substances like acetone, some very strong hand santisers and nail varnish remover, as these can strip the protective coating from the ring.

We recommend you buy a pot of ring balm when you purchase the ring and that you treat it every month or so. We also offer a refinishing service so you can send it back to us for some tender loving care.

If your bentwood ring is outside its guarantee window (see FAQ below), the current price for a refinish is £100 including VAT. In the unlikely event that your metal ring with inlay requires refurbishment, then the price for that service is also £100 including VAT. Customers are responsible for all return delivery costs to us, but delivery back to you within the UK is included.

For customers based outside of the UK, we recommend that you return your ring/s to us by tracked courier service. The price for us to return rings within the EU is £20 and for the rest of the world the price is £30 (both prices excl. VAT). We will remove VAT from the repair/refinish price, but local import taxes/duties might be due on entry to the destination country, based on the value of the repair/refinish, not the original purchase price.

If you'd like to organise some TLC for your ring in the form of a refinish, refurbishment or repair, please complete our ring return form

UK customers:
All prices listed online or quoted via email include VAT.

Customers outside the UK:
All prices listed online or quoted via email exclude VAT. Please note that local import taxes/duties may apply on entry to the destination country, which are the customer's responsibility. Customers outside the UK can choose to view prices and purchase our rings in GBP, EUR or AUD.


We work with a wide variety of sustainably-sourced and salvaged woods - please use the filters in our Collection and Bespoke Inspiration pages to see examples of many of those. If you’d like to use a wood that we don’t already have in stock, then we might be able to help source that from the UK or overseas.

If you’d like to provide some wood of special significance to you, we can sometimes incorporate that into your design, subject to the suitability of the wood and the type of ring design (see below). 

For bentwood rings, the wood can be either green or seasoned, but it needs to be squared off (anyone local with a band saw should be able to help with that) with bark removed, straight, free from any splits, knots or cracks, and measure minimum 25cm x 5cm x 5cm, maximum 35cm x 10cm x 10cm.

For metal rings with wood inlays (but without any other inlay materials) the wood needs to be well-seasoned (with a moisture level of 10% or less), squared off with bark removed, free from any splits, knots or cracks, and measure minimum 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, maximum 15xm x 10cm x 10cm. 

Unfortunately, we’re not yet able to use customer-supplied wood for our carbon fibre range.

There is a charge of £20-60 to cover the testing and preparation of customer-supplied wood (per order, not per ring), depending on the form of the wood and the type of design.

Please contact us to discuss making a ring from your wood.


Our metal rings with inlays
are available in titanium, steel, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold (9ct and
18ct for all colours) and platinum. 

For bentwood rings, we can
inlay most types of metals into the rings in the form of either a strip or
shavings. We can inlay shavings from a metal that you supply (for example
shavings from an heirloom ring) into bentwood rings, but aren't able to use
customer-supplied metal in metal rings with inlays.

If you would like to discuss the different metal options please do get in touch.

For Bentwood Rings, where the ring is made entirely from wood,  you can include an inlay of materials such as crushed minerals and stones, metal shavings (sometimes from heirloom rings), sand, shells and well, you name it, we reckon we could inlay it to be honest! Inlays can either be centred or off-centre and measure anything from 0.5 to 8mm wide, going right up to the edge of the ring if preferred. We sometimes add circular inlays to rings too, either on their own or with a linear inlay meeting the circle.

For Metal Rings With Inlays, the inlays can be either centred or off-centre and can measure anything from 0.5mm to 8mm wide - there just needs to be a minimum of 0.5mm of metal (1mm for gold or platinum) on each outside edge of the ring. These rings can be created with a rounded or square edge. We have a wide selection of woods available or you could even supply your own! In addition to wood, we can inlay most of the other inlay materials that are suitable for bentwood rings inside metal rings, for example sand, minerals and shells. Usually these sit alongside or between wood inlays, but we have occasionally made rings with no wood in them at all!

Please note that a charge of £25 applies when inlaying customer-provided materials into rings (per order, not per ring).

Yes, you most certainly can! We'd love to help you create a ring that is truly special to you, either using our materials, or incorporating materials with significance to you. 

To find out more and start a conversation with us about creating a bespoke ring design, please have a read of our custom design guide and then send us an initial enquiry. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible to move things forward. 

For wood rings we offer woodburned inscriptions on the inside of the rings. The best woods to accommodate inscriptions (due to their grain patterns) are cherry, maple and walnut. If your ring isn’t made from one of these woods, then you will need to include one as a liner (which does create the opportunity to add contrast between the inside and outside of the ring). The current price for woodburned inscriptions is £50 including VAT.

We also offer an engraving service in all our metal rings with inlays, with a range of fonts available. The current price for this service is £95 for milled engravings of words and £180 for laser engraving of images/patterns/symbols (all prices include VAT).

Please note that we are not currently able to add inscriptions to carbon fibre and wood rings.

View the fonts available for metal rings with wood inlays here.

Please rest assured that we take great pride in our after sales service and want you to be a very happy ambassador for Eco Wood Rings, for life!

For metal rings with wood inlays, the metal element comes with a lifetime guarantee. The wood inlays in this style of ring come with a five year guarantee. After that point, a charge applies to repair or replace the wood inlay, although this is an incredibly rare event. The current price for that service is £100 including VAT and UK delivery.

Wood rings come with a one year guarantee, during which time we include one free refinish. After this period a charge of £100 (including VAT and UK delivery) applies for a refinish/minor repair. In the event that a major repair is required then please get in touch and we will advise on options and costs.

Carbon fibre rings with wood inlays come with a one year guarantee.

All guarantees are valid from the date of purchase and cover defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials, they do not cover accidental damage. After the guarantee period the relevant charge applies to any refinish or repair. In the unlikely event that your ring is damaged beyond repair after the guarantee period, then we will always offer to remake it for you at a heavily discounted price.

If you'd like to organise some TLC for your ring in the form of a refinish, refurbishment or repair,please complete our ring return form