Home Ring Sizer

A quick guide to help you find your correct size at home

Fingers at the Ready

As you've found this page, it's likely you are about to size your finger using one of our Home Ring Sizers.

We want to make this as straight forward and accurate as possible for you so have put together a few images and simple instructions to help you with this.

If, after having a go, you are still unsure of your ring size, please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange a video call. We also highly recommend visiting your local jeweller, who will happily measure, confirm and reassure you of your ring size.
This also provides an opportunity to establish your preferred ring width and to try on a ring in the same size and width as you intend to order, something we would always recommend if possible.

Step #1


step #2


Step #3


Step #4


step #5

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