The Dizzy Heights of Love

Glen met Jordan at a climbing wall in Edinburgh where she was studying at the same college he'd been to, years before!  

"I’d worked there for the whole year she had been going but we never really noticed each other.”  
Jordan then got contact lenses, making her gorgeous eyes, suddenly all the more obvious and when she next came to the centre Glen clocked her straight away and flirtatiously commented, “did you do something with your eyes?”  

They began to chat and they discovered quickly that they had many similar spiritual interests and had visited lots of the same places. As well as this connection there was a mutual passion for the great outdoors.  

We kissed on our second date. That one kiss spelled out the rest of my life.” Something energetic in the kiss told Glen that Jordan would be his wife.  
After only a few months of dating they both knew they would be committed to one another and once they’d been living together for 10 months he proposed, and she said ‘yes!’ 

Jordan was Glen’s inspiration for designing the ring. He wanted it to tell a story. 

I wanted something individual for her that in a way shows how individual and special she is. When I searched for custom wood rings your name was on there and it was your blogs that inspired and encouraged me to design my own.”
The ring is both an engagement and a wedding ring. It was initially designed as her engagement ring but once it was complete, he realised quite how special and unique it was and that it would be hard to come up with something else as remarkable for another ring! 

Oak was chosen as it’s Glen’s favourite wood. Walnut is Jordan’s because there is an ancient walnut tree near where she lives. The sand is from her local beach, to create a link to her childhood and family memories. The gold was added for that little bit of sparkle. Opal gives off lots of different colours when hit by the light and it’s her birth stone. He then chose to incorporate a piece of her hair and his own into the design - this represents the special bond between them and is now sealed within the ring. They now have a part of each of them together, always. 


They’re both delighted, as are we and they are living happily ever after, together!


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