Love on Lochnagar

🌿 We’re excited to share a fabulous multi-part story with you over the next couple of weeks, folks, including some never before seen production images!⁠

Meet Alisha and Jonathan – a wonderful couple with a deep respect for our planet at the heart of their design choices. 🌍️⁠

“One of the things that binds us is our mutual love for the environment and the outdoor world and so I knew that I wanted to get Alisha a ring that would reflect that. Lucky for me, Alisha made it well known that she was not keen on "blood diamonds" and flashy jewellery just isn't her thing. Eco Wood Rings were the perfect choice for me then, as they allowed me to customize everything, from the materials used to the style. I chose Yorkshire Oak since Alisha studied at the University of York, with recycled silver so that there was at least a hint of traditionalism in there too.” 💚⁠

With the brief now set, we worked together to create a beauty of an engagement ring for Alisha and it was now up to Jonathan to come up with the perfect plan….⁠


🏔️ When Jonathan proposed on the summit of Lochnagar, a Scottish Munro, the answer was of course "YES" and everyone was delighted! ⁠

“Given our fantastic experience with Eco Wood Rings, choosing them to make our wedding bands was an easy choice.” ⁠

💃💚🕺 Happy dances and big, excitement filled hearts all round. We really do LOVE what we do here and the feedback from customers says you absolutely do too. When couples return for wedding bands it fills us with so much joy! ⁠

Stay tuned for part 2 where we will show you something a little different… a series of images of the creation of this very ring! 🔍️⁠

See you soon, ⁠

Team EWR x 🌿⁠


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