Laid Back Love

Introducing Kim’s engagement ring!
Kim doesn't like the sparkly style or shape of modern gemstone rings. As a couple, she and Jake feel the more traditional rings generate waste and harm to the environment so were looking to do things a little differently.  
Being able to design their own ring from recycled materials allowed us to work together to create the perfect style for them whilst ensuring it was made sustainably and ethically. 
With sustainability being the key factor, they were keen to source their ring locally and a quick search online naturally guided them to us as we are in Bath, just up the road from them! 

Kim was clear she wanted a very simple band. She has an active job and lifestyle, so it was important to her that her ring was practical and didn't need to be removed all the time. She was very keen to incorporate wood into the design, her favourite wood being walnut for its colour… a colour which most closely matches the colour of chocolate! She added titanium to the design because her bike is made from the same metal - an almost magical mixture of strength and lightness, perfect for her gravel cycling and bike packing adventures. Forming the core of her ring, it adds much needed resilience to the design as well as a dull earthy colour that works perfectly with the rich walnut. A winning combination. 

Kim & Jake met in London and have been together for 8 years. The fact that they are only just getting around to tying the knot “perfectly encapsulates our casual, laid-back attitude to romance!”  
To be fair to him, Jake did make very special plans for his proposal to Kim, but not knowing any of this, she ruined it at every turn… 
”First, a bike ride was cancelled by a broken chain, then she was unavailable for a walk having arranged to visit a friend and her three dogs. Out of time and eager to crack open the champagne to calm my nerves, I got down on one knee in the kitchen that afternoon. Job done!” 

Congratulations to you both, Kim & Jake! We really enjoyed this project and are looking forward to working with you again in due course.  

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