If Music be the Food of Love....

...Play on and on and on!

As a multi-instrumentalist, Roz loves music. ⁠
Luckily for everyone involved, and for those who love our #sentimentalsundaysatEWR posts, she also loves Robin 💚 ⁠

Roz's passion for music was the inspiration for their Eco Wood Ring - she is a multi-talented woman, playing a variety of things but guitar is her primary instrument so Robin wanted to create a bespoke engagement ring for her which tied in with that! ⁠

After a search online, there we were and our journey to bespoke perfection began... ⁠

Robin contacted the team, discussed his ideas and together with Steve he chose Honduras rosewood as it is a wood often used in guitar fabrication.  

“I'd seen a guitar string inlay and wanted to incorporate an actual guitar string of Roz’s into the ring which Steve said was entirely possible!” 

The combination is amazing, deeply personal and hugely original. With the design side of things under control there was now the more complicated matter of sizing. 

“When I first spoke to Steve, I wasn't sure how we would size a wooden ring to produce as a surprise for Roz and we only really had one chance to get it right!” 

After some thought, we suggested to Robin that he use some of the same guitar string which would be inlaid into the ring to make a simple wound string ring as a temporary engagement ring for the day he was planning to pop the question. After doing some research online and a little practice, Robin managed to produce a pretty decent wound guitar string ring and operation ‘pop the question’ was go!  

“We then worked with Steve and Eco Wood Rings and used the sizing kit to work out what size the finished ring would be. It all worked to plan and Roz loved both the temporary ring and the finished article!” 

Another success story under our belts and we’re delighted to have two more very happy customers! Congratulations to you both Roz & Robin. 


If you're feeling inspired, have a look at our bespoke page for some more ideas to help you create your perfect, bespoke ring for any occasion. 

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