Hungary for Love

Not that you need warming up on a day like today but it’s that time of week again and this one has all the warm feels. ☀️

🌿 Barnabas approached us a little while ago, specifically looking for a wooden engagement ring for his girlfriend.

“I went with a dark oak wood material, dark because she simply prefers darker tones. I chose mother of pearl because I felt like it was a good match. To be honest, I just followed my feelings really for what could be the perfect ring for my fiancé. I looked through everything a million times to find the perfect combination and these two seemed to be just that!

🌿 We couldn’t agree more!

After receiving the ring, Barnabas then had to wait. They were both expats living in the Netherlands, but her heart has always been in Hungary where they are both from. He knew that a BIG event like a proposal was something she would prefer to happen at ‘home’. Due to covid and the restrictions on travel, he had no choice but to wait a little while longer… 8 months in fact!
“I kept the ring hidden in one of my board games.”

🌿 During the summer of 2021 they were finally able to head back to Hungary and Barnabas knew he needed a plan but had no idea when and how he was going to go about it.

“Eventually we spent some days off at Tisza-to, in the countryside. We rented a super old, rusty little boat for an entire day as I am a huge fan of fishing. We had done the same thing two years before too and absolutely loved it. She kept saying that day was one of her favourite days ever, so I thought let's do it now’.”

🌿 Barnabas goes on…

“I was waiting for the moment all day, freaking out... I stopped the boat and yeah... Just felt it was the right moment. I asked her to close her eyes and said "don’t be scared". She freaked out and panicked so badly she thought we had hit someone. The rest you know… Happiness, little teardrops, and "our" ring.”

💚 Happy tears all round!

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