A 'Sweet' Proposal Indeed

One of the trickiest aspects of choosing an engagement ring is knowing what size the ring should be, without giving the game away. That, coupled with a desire to end up with the perfect materials and design for one's intended, leads some of our customers to propose in wonderfully creative ways, using some very novel 'place holder' rings before coming to us to work on the 'forever' ring together.

This is exactly the scenario that Gary found himself in when he decided to propose to his girlfriend Simone on new year's day. The location? Easy! Crantock Beach in Cornwall holds many special memories for them as a couple, and so it seemed the perfect place to go down on one knee and ask for Simone's hand in marriage. However, choosing the ring size and style would have taken slightly more guesswork. The solution? Perfect! Gary had a beautiful wooden ring box engraved with their names and the proposal date, which contained none other than a Haribo ring! 

With the ring in place and smiles on their faces, Gary then produced a small glass bottle for them to collect some sand from the exact spot where he had just proposed, with a view to inlaying that into Simone's engagement ring. 

Got a little tear in your eye already? Well, you'd better grab a tissue because things are about to get even more romantic!

Whilst looking through the many examples of designs on our website, Simone really fell for the bentwood styles. They started to consider whether they could provide a piece of wood with meaning to them. 

Gary remembered that at the bottom of Simone's parents' garden, her childhood home, stands a mighty oak tree which Simone climbed and played under as a girl. Discovering that customer provided materials of all kinds is not a problem, he duly scaled the tree and harvested a small branch which they brought with them, along with the sand, to the meeting Gary had lined up before the Haribo proposal! 

With oak and sand in place, the only thing left to decide was whether to include a stone or not. 

"I had looked through the website at some designs and chose a few I liked before we met Louise to look at some samples", said Simone. "I wanted a thin wooden band with the sand inlaid and couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted a stone. When I saw some with the stones I decided 'yes', I would love a bit of sparkle in my engagement ring! I particularly loved that you guys use ethically sourced stones. 

It was such a pleasure meeting with Louise and looking at rings, discussing ideas and sharing our stories. We finalised the design and then sat back and waited - I was so impatient as everyone kept asking to see ‘the ring!’. When it arrived Gary and I were so pleased with it. I absolutely love it, such a smooth finish to the wood and sand, the diamond it so sparkly and I just love the story and meaning behind it."

Well, looking at the end result we have to agree that this is a truly stunning design and story, with more meaning than many people would imagine possible! 

A truly one-of-a-kind ring that connects them to some of their most treasured places, forever.  

If you're feeling inspired, have a look at our bespoke page for some more ideas to help you create your perfect, bespoke ring for any occasion. 

Alternatively you can fill in our design enquiry form and let us guide and inspire you further. We love nothing more than helping customers turn their ideas into reality!