Dried to Perfection

💚 "I designed this as an engagement ring for my now fiancé. I wanted a ring to counter propose to my partner. We’d talked a lot about my engagement ring and what it would look like and I wanted to have something to do in return. It didn’t work quite that straightforwardly as we actually decided to get spontaneously engaged when we were on holiday, it just felt right in the moment so his ring had to come later!"⁠
Eco Wood Rings | Bespoke design with dried flowers Image 2
Nothing wrong with a bit of spontaneity as far as EWR are concerned! We've worked with our customers before, during and after and wherever we are involved in the journey, we LOVE it and we never fail to conjure up the perfect piece with our happy customers!⁠
💚 "I’d love to tell you that I did a big proposal for him when the ring came but I actually just ran downstairs when he was cleaning the kitchen and gave it to him because I was so excited."⁠
We Love Love Love LOVE that bit!!⁠
Eco Wood Rings | Bespoke design with dried flowers Image 1

The final material, olive wood, is an ongoing theme in their relationship, so it was something Laura definitely wanted included.⁠

We're sure you'll agree when we say it's a magnificent engagement ring for a man and we wish Laura and Rob a lifetime of happiness together, filled with flowers! ⁠

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