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We have a really fabulous #SentimentalSundaysAtEWR story for you, folks!

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we have loved being part of this design process!

Joe put a lot of thought into his Eco Wood Ring.

 🌿 ‘Firstly, I wanted to show that I was engaged, given that my partner gets a beautiful diamond ring to show off. Secondly, having never worn a ring before, I wanted to try and get used to wearing one. Thirdly, I was hoping to represent myself, my fiancée and us both together in one design’

We asked Joe to talk us through the design and he explained it all brilliantly:

🌿 “I am a self confessed avgeek, so I looked for a part which I could either take a ring of metal from or filings from. I went with a compressor fan blade from a Boeing 737 engine. This was to represent myself and my passion.'
Eco Wood Rings - Engagement Ring For a Man

🌿 'I decided to have 2 inlays of filings set either side of a third, which combined my other materials of choice. One was sand from a beach which my fiancée visited while she grew up in Norfolk (I have also visited the beach on my trips to Norfolk, so know it well). The final material is small pieces of cork from one of the bottles of fizz which we popped on the evening I proposed. It was important to me that these were brought together to represent us as a couple and the influences on our lives together.'
Eco Wood Rings - Men's Bespoke Ring
Eco Wood Rings - Custom Made Rings for Men
Joe had had other ideas too...

🌿 'I briefly sought to source wood which is native to New Orleans, (where I proposed) but decided against it as the formation of the design became clearer, with the help of the customer service ninjas (thanks again), your advice was really helpful throughout the process.'

We love working with customers to help them transform their ideas into reality! This is a wonderful example of how a collection of materials not usually used together, can work spectacularly well.

Perfectly personally and beautifully bespoke! Hearts full.
Eco Wood Rings - Men's Ring in Display Box

Thank you for allowing us to help you Joe, it was our honour and we're delighted you're so thrilled with the end result. We know you will wear with pride and with warmth in your heart.

Congratulations from all at EWR 💚

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