A Very Special Sunrise

“Kate is very much into the natural world, with a great appreciation for all handmade and ethically sourced materials. This is why I chose Eco Wood Rings to make this special, one-of-a-kind engagement ring.”

Paul initially phoned us whilst he was away for work, in Belgium. He was eager to get the process started as he’d booked a holiday to Thailand that was fast approaching.

“Louise was very helpful and we went through numerous iterations of the design over email, with example photos.“

The ring design that he settled on was greyed maple with a lighter walnut liner, and a centred inlay of white gold shavings. The centrepiece, a black diamond set in white gold, finishes off the design perfectly. This unique band is stunning.

“I opted to have a custom inscription wood burned into the liner, reading Kate ‘♾’ Paul and once the design was set all I had to do was wait!”

Paul also ordered one of our beautiful wooden ring boxes to complete the overall natural and bespoke feel of the proposal and we were able to ensure that both the ring and box arrived in plenty of time, before the much-anticipated holiday!

“I proposed at sunrise, 5am at the top of at Samet Nangshe viewpoint. I tried to make it look like I found the log-style container on the floor and proposed. She was completely stunned!”

And yes… She said YES! 💚💚

Paul and Kate truly love and appreciate what we created for them. Kate wears the ring every day and people still regularly comment on how unique and very 'her' it is.

Another success under our belts! Happy sighs all round. 🌿

Congratulations Paul & Kate and top work Paul for popping the question at such a spectacular moment in such a memorable place.


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