A Clifftop Proposal in Peru

"Walking and sleeping up in the clouds will forever remain as beautiful memories etched in our minds."


Rob and Orla had dreamed of one day hiking the Inca Trail in Peru. Last year, after nearly ten years together – and plenty of saving, planning and training – they made their dream come true. “The hike itself was such an immersive experience” says Orla. “Walking and sleeping up in the clouds will forever remain as beautiful memories etched in our minds.” On the final day of their trek, they arrived at Inti Punku, the Sun Gate at Macchu Picchu. The view was breathtaking – and perfect for that all-important photo opportunity.

Orla stood at the viewpoint, waiting for Rob, aware of the queue behind them and wondering why he was so busy looking for something in his bag. When he finally joined her, Orla was in for a big surprise: “Before I could register what he was doing, Rob was down on one knee with a ring held out – I’m surprised I didn’t step backwards off the edge of the cliff in total shock!” Thankfully, she kept her footing and accepted his incredibly romantic proposal. “Tears proceeded to roll and roll” she says, “tears of happiness about what adventures lay ahead of us as a married couple.” 

“Diamonds just weren’t for me”

Rob proposed with a ring he’d inherited but wanted to choose something with Orla later. “I always liked the ethos behind wood rings” explains Orla, “and being quite an environmentally conscious and outdoorsy type of girl, diamonds just weren't for me. I’m at my happiest when digging in our garden or out walking in the woods, so something made from natural, recycled material really appealed to us.”

They did some research and came across Eco Wood Rings, commissioning us to create a custom-designed engagement ring. They wanted the ring to both capture the magical memories of their trip, and symbolise the transition from being a committed couple to husband and wife. 

First, they chose oak for the ring, to symbolise the strength and bond of their relationship. To that they added green volcanic rock as an inlay for nature-inspired colour and to complement the shade and tone of the wood. This inlay depicts the view of Machu Picchu from Inti Punku, where Rob proposed; they even had the viewpoint’s exact co-ordinates inscribed inside the ring. Finally, they added some sparkle using shavings made from soles, Peruvian coins. By coincidence, one of these coins was from 2009, the year they got together, and another from 2019, the year Rob proposed.

Rob and Orla’s design truly is a masterclass in turning your ring into something both beautiful and deeply personal to you. So, feeling inspired? What’s your own story, and how might you capture it in a ring? Let your imagination run wild and see what ideas come up. However strange or wacky, we’d love to hear about them!

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