A BIG Day for Daddy

We love getting to know things about our customers! It’s an important part of our successful ring making process and occasionally we discover some pretty awesome things, beyond just preferences for materials and reasons why.  
Dale and Jo are a great example of this! 
This lovely couple knew they didn’t want a traditional diamond engagement ring and when they found our website and had a little look around, they decided it would be amazing for Jo’s ring to represent not only the two of them but their 2 wonderful children too! 


They set about doing this by incorporating the birthstones of themselves (turquoise & diamond) alongside those of their daughter (sunstone) and their son (moonstone). 
Apple wood was then chosen as the predominant material, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they have 2 apple trees growing in the garden and secondly, when they first got together, Jo bought Dale an apple pie as he loves them! A moissanite solitaire was then added for some delicate sparkle! 


Time for the amazing bit… The reason they were keen to incorporate the kids into the design in the first place is because of a small handful of unplanned events which occurred, in quick succession, in their kitchen!  
1 - The sudden and unexpected onset of labour of their baby boy, leading to….  
2 - The rather surprising need for Dale to deliver his own son! 💙 Resulting in… 
3 - The spontaneous proposal of marriage moments later!  
Congratulations to you ALL. It's a beauty of a ring to symbolise a wonderful family and we're looking forward to being part of your wedding ring journey too! 🌿💚 

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