Inscriptions - Personalising your Perfect Piece of Jewellery

Having designed, modified or simply chosen a ready to go piece, why stop there? We offer a service whereby we can add a finishing touch to make your rings unique to you and it couldn’t be simpler!

For our bentwood rings, we offer a woodburning inscription service:

An example of woodburned coordinates in a maple liner

This is done by hand and has a lovely, artistic and personal feel to it.It could be as simple as one word or as complex as a hand drawn map of the world!

A fine example of hand woodburning. This shows a customer designed map of the world and car!

The best woods for this purpose are cherry wood, maple and walnut, as the grain of the wood facilitates the best-looking inscription possible.

Inscriptions in proposal rings made of cherry and maple

To find out more about woodburning, just ask! You can email us at

For our metal rings with wood inlays, we offer a milled or laser engraving service:

Metal engraving in 9ct yellow gold with oak and sapphire

For this service there are a wide variety of fonts available, and in some cases, it may be possible for our customers to choose and supply their own font.

If you’d like to include symbols or characters from another language, then these can be engraved by laser too - additional charges will apply.

A vibrant, engraved metal ring with inlay of bumblebee jasper and an inscription written in Mandalorian

All types of metal can be engraved and on some designs of rings a simple image can also be created. 

A bold example of metal engraving

Some examples of customers’ ideas and requests:

• A short phrase or quote

• The date you met

• A name

• A nickname

• A pet's name

• The coordinates of the place you’re planning to propose

• Coordinates of where you are getting married

• An acronym

• A symbol (star, heart, infinity sign etc.)

• We have even been commissioned to draw things such as a map of the world (above), a cat and a bicycle (below!)

A wonderful example of a hand drawn bicycle
A beautiful, bespoke design incorporating many personal materials and an inscription of proposal coordinates

It’s a genuinely lovely way to personalise your ring and by having the same message or images on the inside of your rings you can connect two very different designs in a truly original way.

Two Eco Wood Rings with matching engraving inside.
Connecting two very different designs with the same inscription


The options really are endless.


If you're feeling inspired, have a look at our bespoke page for some more ideas to help you create your perfect, bespoke ring for any occasion. 

Alternatively you can fill in our design enquiry form and let us guide and inspire you further. We love nothing more than helping customers turn their ideas into reality!