The Joys of Jordan

Sometimes, with our customers' stories, in order to really understand the genuine sentiment and love behind the design of a ring, it’s best to let the customer do the talking themselves.

Thomas’ wedding ring is a beautiful example of this as I honestly couldn't have put it better…

“After waiting two years, I finally got to marry my best friend and travel partner in crime! I always knew I would propose to my partner while we were travelling and when we decided to travel around Jordan, I was hopeful a perfect opportunity to get down on one knee would occur.

While in Umm Qais, in the North of Jordan, Hannah mentioned how much she was loving exploring the Roman ruins and meeting friendly locals, so I decided to suggest going to an amazing viewpoint surrounded by wildflowers and the most butterflies we'd ever seen… 🦋

Luckily Hannah said ‘yes’. 💚

When we got back from Jordan it was time to start planning our wedding and picking our wedding rings. I've always had a love and interest of wood and skilled craftsmanship, which led me to Eco Wood Rings. I was blown away by the unique look and beauty of the wooden rings.

From my first enquiry to receiving my wooden ring the whole experience has been amazing, they were so helpful, and the end product is absolutely stunning.

I got in touch with the place where we stayed in Jordan and asked if they would send me some dried flowers from the area where I proposed to Hannah. I was very lucky; they were equally helpful and sent me over a lovely mix of wildflowers which I then sent on to Eco Wood Rings so that they could incorporate them into my wooden ring.

The ring means so much to me and I'm constantly asked about it. I felt sorry for my wife on the day as people asked more about my ring than hers! Not that hers is bad... it just isn't a patch on mine! Thank you so much to Eco Wood Rings. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for something unique and meaningful.”

Thank YOU, Thomas and Hannah, for choosing us to help you create something so meaningful to you both. We hope you will wear it with pride, always. Congratulations from the Team! 


If you're feeling inspired, have a look at our bespoke page for some more ideas to help you create your perfect, bespoke ring for any occasion. 

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