Roses are Red.... 🌹⁠

You may remember that back in the spring we featured a stunning diamond engagement ring belonging to Kara.

Well, we’re absolutely delighted to report that Ben and Kara adore the ring and really loved the process of designing it with us so decided to come back to us to design their wedding bands!⁠

“We wanted the rings we made to be unique and also kind to the planet too.” 🌍️⁠

“For Ben's ring he wanted to include a metal to keep it strong and durable and Kara wanted a wooden ring. We wanted our rings to be linked in some way and to have similarities.”⁠

The sentiment really is in the details of these two beauties though… The petals in both of their rings come from roses Ben bought for Kara! ⁠

“We saved and dried the petals and also included other petals from our garden.”⁠

Ben's ring also includes wood which links it to the wood that Kara's ring is made from which is a truly meaningful way to connect pairs of rings.⁠

Ben and Kara are, quite rightly, thrilled with the end results as are we.

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