Queueing for Love

Tom and Sarah’s story begins in a queue. Sarah works in a pharmacy which Tom regularly visited during lock down, whilst collecting his family’s medication. Their eyes met across a crowded counter, and they began to become familiar with one another. After one particular visit, Sarah decided she wanted to get to know Tom better and made a very bold decision to act upon it!

The following week was spent exchanging essay sized messages and they both began to realise that there was something potentially very exciting brewing. Meeting up properly for the first time confirmed this for them both and the flicker of initial feelings they both had towards each other quickly ignited and grew each time they met. 

“As we were in a national lockdown, everything was closed around us… a picnic blanket under a tree, surrounded by nature with just each other’s company was all we needed.”

As the rules began to ease, after 50 days of getting to know each other in a socially distanced way, they were finally able to have their first hug (coincidentally also at the pharmacy) thanks to Tom’s family accepting Sarah into their family bubble.

Since then, they haven’t looked back and a BIG question, a desire for something unique which aligned with their natural outlook and some googling then led them to Eco Wood Rings!


The design of the engagement ring contained horse chestnut, as it was under a conker tree that they spent many hours getting to know one another. 

“This tree became very important to us in all weathers!”

“We were so impressed with the service we had received and the personal touches that EWR provided that we knew we wanted to return for our wedding bands.”

We were delighted to welcome Tom and Sarah back and to help them design their forever wedding bands! For these, they chose to have crushed pebbles from Donnington Castle inlaid into a deep and vibrant rosewood. Being where we first met and got engaged, they were thrilled that we could create wedding rings which could carry this sentiment for them. 

“We are so happy with the final outcome and can’t wait to wear them!”

Well, the wait is now over as Tom and Sarah got married on the 11th December (as shown in the inscriptions) and we couldn’t be more delighted to have played a small part in their story!

Congratulations to them both!


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