Ebony & Eye-Catching

Hello again! I hope you're sitting comfortably this #sentimentalsundaysatEWR? 💚 ⁠

🖤💚 Kelly and Roger wanted rings which were responsibly sourced and sustainable because that is very important to them and complements their lifestyle choices. They both agreed that dark rings are really distinctive and have always liked jet so Kelly definitely wanted that incorporated into hers. ⁠

🖤💚 Roger was keen for us to conjure something made of recycled or reclaimed wood. He was initially drawn to something native like bogwood but due to a lack of availability at that stage, he opted for ebony and loves the idea that it has perhaps come from recycled piano keys.⁠

🖤💚 Green is Kelly’s favourite colour and one of Roger’s too so incorporating that, in the form of malachite, into the design was important to both of them. ⁠

🖤💚 The use of exploitation free gemstones was the penultimate piece in the design puzzle and finally, for added eye catching sparkle & shine, Kelly chose to have her ring made with stainless steel (from recycled forks!) and Roger included crushed volcanic rock as an awesome finishing touch to his. ⁠

The final products are stunning and indeed eye catching, and we hope you love them as much as they (and we) do! Congratulations to another happy EWR couple.⁠

Happy Sunday Folks, ⁠

Team EWR 🌿 x⁠

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