Celtic Roots, Captured for Eternity

“Kylie and I met in college in Edwardsville, Illinois, in fall 2015. In Spring 2017, I took a job in Salina, Kansas, and she joined me a few months later, following her college graduation. We stayed in Kansas until June 2019, when we returned to the St. Louis, Missouri, area” 

The time was now right, the BIG question was asked, and the answer was... YES!  

Logan was not at all captivated by the thought of a standard, off the peg, men’s wedding band and desired a personalised band which encapsulates what their relationship means to him. Eco Wood Rings to the rescue! 

Logan worked with a friend to create a custom claddagh design. The claddagh's meaning of love, friendship and loyalty holds meaning for them both but was also a nod to Kylie’s Celtic heritage. The interior has an inscription in the titanium which is a shared monogram, to signify their unity. Finally, oak was selected to represent the old adage "strong as an oak." 

“Now when I look down at my ring, I am not simply reminded of my wife; I am also reminded of our promises to one another. I'm grateful to the Eco Wood Rings team for making my imagination into a reality through such a smooth and pleasant process." 

They were married in October 2019 in Du Quoin, Illinois, on a beautiful autumnal day at the state fairgrounds and they welcomed their daughter into the world in February last year!  

We love to hear about our customers, their reasons behind their designs and then updates like these after the ring has been received. 

Congratulations to you both on your expanding family and wishing you much happiness together!  

From us all at Team EWR!

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