Antipodean Beauties


Nearly 3 years ago, Chris went on a trip to Slovakia and not long after his return he met a lovely girl called Kat, via a dating app, who rather coincidentally was... Slovakian!

“After a few dates we fell for each other and have hardly spent a day away from each other since (in part due to the recent lockdowns!).” 

After 3 years together Chris says he understands more of the Slovak language than Kat does of his Lancashire dialect but this hasn’t stopped them from falling head over heels for each other and Chris is now working on improving his own English in order to help Kat!

Chris found Eco Wood Rings online when searching for ‘ecological rings’ and he really loved the designs he saw. Kat had made it clear early on that she didn't like wearing what is deemed to be ‘typical’ jewellery as she prefers to use, and surround herself with, environmentally friendly and natural materials.

He started initially with a proposal ring from us...
“I proposed in the Lake District, as seen in the photos.”

A happy and heartfelt yes meant it was then time to think about wedding rings.
Inspired by so many great examples, they were delighted to be able to create something perfect for themselves whilst staying committed to their ecological beliefs.

“We decided that we each wanted a Queensland red cedar bentwood ring with hoop pine liner. We both liked the warm colour, plus the contrast between the dark outer layer and lighter liner. We decided not to include an inlay as we wanted the ring to be as simple and durable as possible.”

Chris and Kat were drawn to the more exotic, Australian woods as a result of having been unable to fulfil so many travel plans that they’d had in the last few years. The unusual, antipodean woods felt appropriate and comforting in a way.

They are now looking forward to many adventures together as man and wife... Their marriage YESTERDAY being the first!

Huge congratulations to you both, we hope you had the most magical day together celebrating with family and friends. Here’s to happy travels and many fulfilling adventures ahead.

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