An Oh So Coal Design

Allow me to introduce Nick and Gaby! They were adamant they wanted to create rings which were unique to them. Gaby found a designer she wanted to work with and after some research, Nick immediately knew we were just what he was looking for!

Nick was keen to incorporate 2 very specific materials into his ring design and we were only too happy to oblige.

💚 – “I wanted a link to my love of history as I've always been a history buff, especially interested in English Tudor History. To represent this, I asked for a light English Oak, because of how synonymous they are with our country's history, having been around for hundreds of years. Hopefully, the wood in my ring was around as far back as the Tudors!”

💚 – “The other material I wanted was Welsh Coal. Part of my family originates from Wales, so I wanted something that linked back to that part of my heritage. The reason I chose Coal was because of my enthusiasm for steam engines. My grandad work on mail steam engines in Birmingham, and then proceeded to work at a small railway in Wales - the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway. My dad took me to that railway a lot when I was growing-up and I volunteered there when I was younger. I still have a lot of friends that live there and visit regularly.”

With the 2 materials firmly chosen, designs were discussed, and this stunning creation was born.

💚 “With the English Oak and Welsh Coal, I feel like I have a ring that represents both me and my family.”

We were honoured to have been able to help you create the ring of your dreams, Nick, and wish you and Gaby huge congratulations and a lifetime of happiness together as Mr & Mrs.

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