A Ring to (Not) Die For

This story of a love & bond which keeps you going and helps you #chooselife is well worth a read.... what a guy!

You may have seen that Monday 21st March was ‘International Day of Forests’ and we’ve been celebrating the magnitude and beauty of trees this week at EWR HQ. Their strength, their power and the stories that can be told.
We therefore couldn’t think of a more appropriate client to highlight today.

Introducing Magnus. Magnus is a tree-surgeon and has a tree related story to tell.

At his happiest amongst the trees, he was working one day a few years ago when disaster struck. Magnus was crushed by a tree he had been working on in a tragic accident.

“Whilst hanging from my rope and harness 20ft off the ground with a very broken body, I thought of my then fiancé and our 2-year-old son. I caught my breath and mustered up just enough strength and sense to get myself down.”

“Had circumstances been slightly different I might have died or been paralysed.”

Magnus was off work for 6 months and then had a full year of rehabilitation after that before he was once again back on track. A long journey of recovery but one which has ended with a wedding and life is now being spent living out his ‘happily ever after’

“When it came to picking my ring, I knew I had always wanted a wooden one but loved the metal and wood combinations on your website.”

It was immediately obvious which wood and metal combination Magnus would be going for… It was a sycamore tree which came dangerously close to ending his life as he knew it and his spine is now fused together with titanium! That combined with the fact the 3 bands of metal and 2 of wood remind him of a mini whiskey barrel makes it the perfect piece for him!

“The reason I wear a wedding ring at all and the reason I mustered the strength to get down, and therefore live, are one and the same; my wife!”

Well, for a chap who explained to us during the design process that he held more value in sentiment and meaning than in monetary value, we feel that you can’t get much more sentimental than that. 

Enormous congratulations to you both from the whole team. 

(Hands up who’s heart melted a little when they saw that wee hand?) ☺️💚


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