A Perfect Part 3!

🌿 Aaaaand, here we are with part 3 of Alisha and Jonathan’s ring journey! (Follow the links if you missed parts 1 & 2) 

“Given our fantastic experience with Eco Wood Rings, choosing them to make our wedding bands was an easy choice.” ⁠ 

🌿 We were delighted to hear from them both again with exciting plans for their BIG day! 

“Adventure, mountains, and the natural world have always been a constant thread throughout our relationship. And it seems the world agrees.” 

When Jonathan proposed on the summit of Lochnagar, a Scottish Munro, they witnessed the most beautiful cloud inversion, leaving them surrounded by a sea of clouds, feeling literally on-top-of the world! 

“We immediately knew that we wanted Eco Wood to do our wedding bands, in keeping with the environmentalist philosophy that runs throughout our lives - and through our wedding day.” 
🌿 And so, the next part of our journey began... 

“We wanted to have matching wedding bands to signify us coming together as a couple, but also something unique that would undeniably always be ours.” 
🌿 After much thought and discussion...  

“We knew we needed a metal that could withstand the outdoor adventures that we love to do together, and something that would stand the test of time. Stronger and more durable than gold or silver, the eco-friendly nature of titanium perfectly symbolises the everlasting love between us.” 
🌿 The perfect choice for all the right reasons! 

“Honestly, we felt that the depth and boldness of the satin walnut wood was the perfect balance between being fashionable and robust but not too flashy.  And it was. Fitting perfectly in with the rich greens and earthy tones of nature on our wedding day, we couldn't have made a better choice.” 
🌿 And the photos prove it folks!  

What a magical combination and all with our planet in mind.
It’s stories like these that make what we do here SO rewarding! Thank you
Alisha & Jonathan ⁠for allowing us to be a part of something so wonderfully special and huge congratulations again from the team.

Thank you to @those.dobie.photographers too for these stunning images. 💃💚🕺


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